Preparing for your Social Security Hearing

When I first started practicing Social Security law, I found Gordon Gates Blog. His blog has been an enormous help to me, and I have discovered other Social Security sites through him. Mr. Gates has recently written an e-book for his clients, “Ten Steps to Prepare for Your Social Security Hearing.” I printed it out and read it over the weekend, and I am so impressed. This e-book explains to clients exactly what the Social Security process entails, and breaks it down into easy to understand steps.

Mr. Gates gives this book to his clients and now you can also download a copy, with no cost or obligation. I have a copy and believe that it will be helpful in my own practice. It is a very nice outline that explains to a client not only how to prepare, but what to expect. I have found that clients fear is generally rooted in their fear of the unknown, and hopefully this guide will alleviate those concerns.

Here is a direct link to the .pdf document.