My Firm

This website is primarily where I write about my Social Security practice. However, Jebaily Law Firm practices Workers Compensation law (helping injured workers), automobile accident and car wreck law (also known as “personal injury law”), family law, criminal law, and probate law. There are times when a client needs all areas of our practice. It is not uncommon that someone may get injured in a car accident that is not his or her fault, while on the job, and become permanently disabled. Sometimes, that renders them unable to pay child support and takes a real toll on their life.

While that is a worst case scenario, our firm has the resources to help a client when it seems like everything is going wrong. You may have more than one attorney working on your case. In those situations, the different attorneys work together and coordinate to bring you the best result for your case. This is why we ask you to let us know everything that is going on with you when you come in– every detail!