Update for Pee Dee Area Disability Applicants

Historically, my Pee Dee area disability applicants have all been through the Columbia, SC ODAR office. This means that although you may have applied for Social Security disability in Florence, SC, the judges were actually headquartered in Columbia. We recently underwent a major change and were switched to the Charleston, SC ODAR office. It has meant there has been a delay in pending hearings but I am happy to report that hearings now appear to be moving along in scheduling.

Here is data about all of the South Carolina offices:

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.59.04 AM

As you can see- the average HEARING wait time is 15 months. That does not include the time from the time you apply, get denied, ask for reconsideration, get denied. It is from the time you ask for a hearing after your second denial. This is a long and difficult process!

We look forward to this change and working with the Charleston judges even more than we were before. If you have any questions about applying for disability in any area of South Carolina please call Rangeley at 843-667-0400 or (843) 900-6LAW or email rbaileyATjebailylaw.com at any time. Thank you!

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